Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who Is Best Internet Provider in Minneapolis St Paul Area?

Who Are You Going To Choose?

 Who are the Best Internet  Service Providers (ISP)  in Minneapolis and St Paul area?  Call the Connected Home to Find Out.  612-424-8483.   Because it depends! On where you live and how you use the internet.

The Connected Home provides honest FREE advice on providers based on your needs. 

High Speed Internet in Minneapolis is primarily provided by Comcast’s Xfinity Service or Century Link with a portion of people also going with satellite vendors such as Dish TV. US Internet Corp also provides Fiber access.

If you do a Google search for Internet providers you will get even more suggestions, but they tend to boil down the those listed above, but sometimes with different names.

As a general rule, we generally recommend people avoid satellite access to the internet, unless that is their only choice. In the Twin Cities Metro area, you have alternatives.

The Connected Home is the one place that was best able to make sense of the matrix of choices. Rather than try to guess as to the best internet providers in Minneapolis & St Paul, they helped me focus on what I needed and wanted from my connections.

Gamers have different needs than does the occasional blogger or someone who just wants to keep up with family photos on Facebook.

If all you want is a Minneapolis ISP for your internet access they can help you.

If you want to understand the different packages offered by the cable companies in Minneapolis – they can help with that as well.

They are even the go to folks if you want to do a home theater installation Minneapolis, St Paul or anywhere in Minnesota.

Now you could go it alone, but warning. If you are into reviews you will quickly see that customer support from all the biggies call centers tends to suck.

That is where the folks at The Connected Home shine.  Unlike the rapidly churning staff for the corporate biggies, the Connected Homes staff will walk through your needs, not their call centers need to meet their daily sales quota.

That means you get a quick and clear understanding of your best choice, be it for just isp service, a cable or satellite TV package that fits your budget and viewing interests or a whole hog system with all the bells and whistles.

Even better, they schedule the work for you, and virtually always get it right. Check out their website at http://ift.tt/1KHE9Z3

Toward the bottom of their page they have real reviews, and recent ones. Not always 5 star but mostly. More importantly, real reviews from real people who used their service.

If you are looking for your best choice of internet providers, save yourself some time and hassle, and call The Connected Home  612-424-8483.

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