Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Connected Homes Google Site

Our Internet, Phone, TV, Home Security and Bundle Options are now displayed on a new Google Site


The Connected home has just initiated a new Google site in addition to our regular website:

This new site is built off of our original site and largely makes use of some of the same items, but in a different format.

For Example we explain how our service works and why it is FREE!
Q: I don’t get it—how does this work?
We provide you with a one stop shop for your Internet, TV, phone, and home security services. The Connected Home partners with many different providers to offer you a wide array of products. We are your also one-call connection for installation services.
1. Call or fill out the "Request for a Quote" form below.
2. We research offers and services for your specific address.
3. We come up with a list of options customized for you.
4. If you like any of them, you can sign up through us for free. If not, you will at least know what your options are.
Q: How much do you charge for comparing these services for me?
A: We do not charge any fees. The companies we represent compensate us when we sign up customers for their services.
One of the many things it features are how we are able to assist people who want more informati0n about Xfinity TV Packages.  We cut the confusion and don't add the upsell and misdirection that occurs at times in the call centers. 
We invite people to come to our small South Minneapolis Storefront office where they can see first hand a comparison between Comcast TV, Dish TV and Sling TV on two side by side identical TV's.
Here at our retail store on Minnehaha Ave we thought it would be fun to set up a few different TV
services, and do some side by side comparisons for ourselves. It would also give our customers a 
chance to look and play with different systems when they came into the office.

We set up a Comcast X1 HD box, a DirecTV Genie and a RoKu Player with SlingTV and Netflix.

We might also set up DISH TV and Centurylink PRISM in the coming weeks if our customers want to 
compare those services.

Its hard to say if one is "better" than the other, but each has their own pros and cons, that will 
appeal different customers.

Want to check them out and compare them? Come down to our store, and you can play with the
remotes and give them the "eyeball" test yourself.
Where to find The Connected Home?  We are in South Minneapolis right next to Parkway Pizza  on Minnehaha Ave and E 44th
4357 Minnehaha Ave S.   ​Minneapolis, MN 55406
The Connected Home can help you where ever you live in Minnesota.  While our primary focus in on the Minneapolis St Paul Twin Cities area, we can help you connect with your best choice of service options where ever you are.  If you have a cabin - even if it is in Wisconsin we can help find service for you.


Whether you are looking for Internet, satellite TV, phone or security systems, we can 
find a solution that will fit your needs.
We are experts at:

Satellite Internet
Locating broadband options in rural areas
Saving money by having satellite TV in two locations for one low price
Portable satellite TV
Local phone service
Remote video cameras. Check on your cabin from your smartphone.

Call us and get all the details to make your cabin connected.  (612) 424­8483

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