Monday, March 7, 2016

The Connected Home  - Getting Connected Securely

In an effort to save money this summer, I tried painting the exterior of our home by myself. How hard can it be? Well, when I stood back and surveyed my work, it was completely uneven and mismatched. Some jobs, I learned, require a professional.

The same lesson applies for trying to connect my home to the Internet. As I explained last week, the result was mostly a disaster. And based on readers’ responses, I know I’m not alone. One reader told me a story about a “smart thermostat” that turned the heat on during the summer and killed the pet goldfish.

- Nick Bilton in theNY Times

If you are considering exploring todays internet of things and want a professional to assist you, consider calling us.  The Connected Home can assist you in choosing appropriate vendors for your needs.  We have relationships with:
  • CenturyLink®
  • Charter
  • Comcast XFINITY®
  • Cox Communications
  • Exede
  • Mediacom

In the near future the connected home will mean more to every day Americans. It is really just beginning to build steam. 

​See this video:

Adoption of the new technologies will take time, but the future is not far off when much of what is being talked about will be here. 

If you want to be part of that future, be sure to contact us to discuss the options that will best help you prepare for the new world tha tis evolving around us.

Perhaps the most important early aspect of the connected home is your ability to significantly improve your home security via smart phone monitoring. We can help you bundle your security system via your internet connection.

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